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Level Up

Level Up – Three week class April 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, 29 from 4PM-5PM. Tuition is $50 total for all 6 classes. Must pre-register by April 12th!


We are offering level up classes designed to help every athlete reach new potential!  These classes are not guaranteed to place your child on the next level, but are guaranteed to advance their skill, athleticism, and preparedness for whichever team they desire for the upcoming season! Level up classes will spend time on the the following sections:

FLEX AND FLYING - In this class you will learn flexibility, as well as body control. Concentration will be on heel stretches, bows, needles, over stretches and kick scorpions. Whether you’re currently a flyer looking to improve/learn new skills, working to become a flyer, or just wanting to improve your flexibility this class is for you.

JUMPS TO MAKE EM JEALOUS - Jump until you can’t jump anymore! Work on technique, motion placement and learn tricks of the trade to that hyperextended jump.

TOP NOTCH TUMBLING - Athletes will continue to fine-tune the technique as well as add specialty tumbling through all skill levels!

Level Up Registration

Thanks for Registering! We will charge the account on file on April 20th for Tuition!

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