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Tumbling Classes

Are you ready to take your skills to the next level?
Get the best in tumbling classes at KcK Wildfire. We offer classes for every age, from preschool to high school, and every level, from the beginner to the elite competitor. Along with tumbling instruction, each athlete will participate in our Powerful Words Character Development Program during each class.
So whether you are a cheerleader just getting started, or you just want to learn how to tumble, Wildfire can help with the conditioning and skills needed for success. Our classes provide tumbling, jumping, and body position training, with classes and clinics that focus on specific skills, such as back handsprings and back tucks, as well as general skills and instruction in performance techniques.
Wildfire has developed a fantastic tumbling course program with the help of some of the best tumbling coaches in the country.  Our program is designed to teach each athlete everything they need to know to be a great tumbler with great character.  We offer several levels of classes to ensure the best instruction for each class.  We have 8:1 student-teacher ratios and class curriculums for each class.
For more information on any of the course classes Wildfire offers, just click below! All of our courses begin with a 6 Week Trial to ensure Wildfire and our courses are the right fit for your family!
Once you purchase a 6-week trial we will contact you for your FREE t-shirt! You will meet with one of our Head Instructors and they can help you find the Course that is the right fit for your child!

Class Info:

Tuesdays 5:15-6:15 | Ages 3-18

Athletes are placed into levels.

for more information or to sign up for our awesome web special please enter your information below!

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