What kind of Parties do you offer?

Wildfire offers Inflatable Parties that include all of our inflatables and tumble equipment! This time is flexible based on your party requests, however must be kept in the 90 minutes time slot.

What if I don't know how many children will attend the party?

That’s okay! We ask that you give us an estimate of the number of children so we can prepare your perfect party!

How long will my party be?

Each Wildfire birthday party includes 90 minutes total, typically with 60 minutes in the gym, and 30 minutes in the party room. However, your 90 minutes are yours to use as you wish!

What if I want to add extra time to our party?

Extra time can be purchased IF the time is available. However, because of how our time slots are set up you would have to book another full party time, but we do offer it at a discounted price! These must be scheduled in advance.

Can we set up early?

YES! We open 30 minutes before your party booking for the party host to decorate or set up how they would like!

Can I bring in food?

We do allow outside food to be brought in, however it must remain upstairs in the party room!  If you need something from us (fridge space, freezer space, extra plug ins) please let us know ahead of time so we can prepare.

Do we pay for adults?

Adults can observe at no cost.

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