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Tumble Tots

Wildfire’s Tumble Tots Program provides children 24 months old through Kindergarten an opportunity to explore age appropriate activities in a safe, fun, kid-oriented environment. Children are challenged at their own ability levels! Also children are praised for their interaction and efforts. Furthermore, we believe that tumbling builds strength, balance, flexibility and coordination and more importantly self-confidence!


In addition, Wildfire also strongly believes that teaching the kids social skills such as following directions, sharing, taking turns and cooperation are an integral part of not only our gymnastics classes but life itself!

     Here at Wildfire you can expect consistency for all of our Tumble Tots classes.

  • WARM UP: Our classes will begin with our warm up. This is a chance for the teachers to begin to work on some strength, flexibility and body positions.

  • MUSIC: We will incorporate all classes with music of some sort – Hokey Pokey, tapping sticks, bells, Jumping Jack song – and many more. Music is a great easy way to transition into class in which kids of all ages enjoy!

  •  RUNNING: We will work to raise their heart rates with some running (approximately 2 minutes)

  • TUMBLING: The heart of the class – tumbling! Every 2 weeks our themes will change – we will work through hanging and swinging, jumping and landing, balancing, strength and coordination and so much more!

  • GOODBYE and STAMPS: After a fun filled class we will finish back where we started – all the kids will receive stamps from their teachers and say goodbye till their next wonderful tumbling class!

Class Times:

Tuesdays 4:15-5:00 PM (All Year)

Ages: 18 months to approx. 4 years


Not every child will jump in and try something new right away. We want to respect their needs and provide them the time to ‘take it all in’ and become comfortable in a new environment like our gym. At Wildfire we do not push or require them to participate. Therefore we consider ‘observation as a form of participation’ knowing that, in a week or two, these kids often join in and show us that they have been watching and learning even if they were not actively participating. Our 1 Month 100% Money Back Guarantee allows parents to give these kids the time they need risk free, and we encourage them to do so for their kid’s benefit.

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