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What is our Rec Class?

What starts at home gets enriched here. Physical education programs for homeschool students at the Wildfire Children’s Activity Center.

     This program is designed to provide home-schooled students ages 5-12 the opportunity to interact with other children in a fun and active environment.  Wildfire’s physical education program is all about teaching kids how to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, teaching how to make fitness fun and functional, teaching how to overcome challenges both mentally and physically, and teaching about general health and fitness.
     We offer classes that will focus on different skills and sports, teaching game rules and proper techniques, and help develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


Classes meet Wednesday’s 1:00-2:00!


During that time the kids do calisthenics body weight exercises to encourage positive muscle and joint development and also to encourage muscular and postural balance.  The children also learn how to apply the strength they already have and the strength they are gaining to the technique of the activity. Classes encourage functional and dynamic movement which promotes healthy muscle, bone, and joint development in children’s growing bodies!  During all Wildfire classes children are taught about general health and fitness.  They are taught how the fun activities they are doing are good for their overall health, they will be taught about nutrition, and they will be taught that with determination and perseverance, even the most difficult of obstacles (metaphorical or literal) can be conquered.

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